You've Got...A Telegram - Decoding the Past [Part 5]

Published on October 23rd, 2015

Connecting then to now…


1933 – Singing telegrams became available.


1945 – Western Union finally merged with its rival, The Postal Telegraph Company, in a way that still allowed its foreign business to continue.


1950’s – America saw a significant decline in the telegraph industry.


1963 – Western Union International Incorporated was born – Western Union survives today (that’s 164 years of doing business in 2015!)


21st Century – North America transmitted its last commercial Morse code message in July 1999, and the last physical delivery of telegrams in 2001.


And today – Some may view text messaging as the modern telegram, using abbreviations and a few words to get to the point of your message that is sent to the recipient’s mobile phone. It only takes a 10-digit code (or 1 if you use speed dial!) to call whomever you wish, anywhere in the world.


You can use any of the multiple e-mail options available to send longer, more detailed written messages. Or, you can send a letter or package via post mail and it will be received a few days later. You can even video message someone and speak face-to-face with them…in a different country.


We have certainly come a long way in the field of communication! Feel free to send the Team a message (telegram not necessary) if you have any questions or ideas.


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