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Published on March 9th, 2015

2015 Digital Home Entertainment

Cable bills getting you down? Is your iTunes Library getting a little too thick? Maybe it’s time to ditch the cable plan, get rid of those hard drives and CDs, and go completely digital. If this sounds like a plan to you, follow this guide to get the proper hardware and services.


To utilize the video and audio streaming services that will be mentioned later, you’ll first need a TV and an internet package. Then, you’ll need an actual device to run the services.

If you are into video games, it may be a viable option to purchase an Xbox One or Sony PS4, as these will play not only the latest games but Blu-Ray Discs, too. Alternatives to a gaming console are plentiful. You can use devices like the Roku, Apple TV, and many smart TVs have apps built into them. Make sure all these devices have a good Wi-Fi connection to get the most out of your streaming.

Note: Check out our previous blog for more tips on Wi-Fi and internet packages to get the best video quality.

Services – Video

Netflix - Quickly becoming a household name across America, Netflix is the premier streaming service for TV series, movies, documentaries, and more. This outlet has a massive library of titles – all a click or two away. While Netflix doesn’t have the most up-to-date selection of TV Shows, (such as titles currently on air) it does offer a ton of content. Netflix even produces their own fantastic programs. (House of Cards, anyone?) With Netflix, you’ll be sure to find something you like. For 8 bucks a month, this a great deal. Oh yeah, and absolutely no ads!

Hulu Plus – If you want to stay current with your favorite TV shows, Hulu is the way to go. Major networks such as NBC, ABC, and TBS regularly release shows concurrent (or a day after premier) on Hulu. The only downside to Hulu is there are advertisements before each program -- even with the premium version you still have to sit through ads.

Google Play/HBO Go/Amazon – All of these movie streaming services will suffice for newer movies. Once a new movie hits DVD, it will also be on one or more of these platforms for renting or digital ownership.

HD Antenna - Do you still want to watch local news or sports? Get a HD Antenna. For around $35, you could access 15-20 HD channels, including networks like FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Services – Music

Spotify/Google Music - If you want to get your entire music collection on the cloud, it is easy with these two platforms. Both offer the feature to add your own music, or stream music from their massive libraries. Not only can you use it on your home computer, but they both have apps for android and iOS.

Pandora - If you don’t have a big music library or if you like to discover new music, Pandora may be the way to go. Type in any genre or artist, and Pandora will make a playlist tuned to your liking. For parties or background music, Pandora is a must.

Once you start using services like Netflix and Hulu, you may forget about cable altogether. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new home to fit all this technology, it’s best to start by speaking with a qualified mortgage professional. For more information on financing a new home, please feel free to contact one of our Housing Buzz Specialists.


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