City vs Suburban Living

Published on July 10th, 2015

Find the right location for your tastes

Some people find comfort in the craziness of a big city while others love the peace and quiet of suburbia. Not quite sure where you belong? Don’t worry, we’re here to help give you a better idea.


Today millions of people are flocking to the cities. Maybe you’re looking to be a part of this trend as well. City living people believe convenience is key, from every food venue imaginable to your favorite shopping boutique to endless activities, the city has it all. Late night pizza craving? No problem, it can be delivered within minutes. Ripped your favorite pair of jeans? Just stop buy and pick up a new pair on the walk home from work.  It’s that easy.

In the city almost everything is in walking distance, not a fan of a small walk? Hail an Uber or cab and you can get there just as easily! Residencies in the city, however, tend to be smaller and cozier. So if tight quarters and noisy streets aren’t what you’re looking for you might want to consider other options.  Lastly, don’t forget how beautiful a sunset can look over your favorite city skyline!


Are you picturing a big house, nice lawn and place where car horns won’t interrupt your thoughts? Then suburbia is the place for you. Although living in the city can be great, in the suburbs you can enjoy a peaceful environment without being cramped.  Having a lawn (no matter what the size) and more space for your belongings are also major pluses.  Hate walking? Luckily in the suburbs everything can be accessible by a short car ride.  If you don’t mind not having all conveniences like grocery stores, restaurants, or shopping right around the block, then you’ll be perfectly at home in the ‘burbs.

As you can see, city and suburban living offer two completely different environments and experiences.  Just choose what fits your interests and go for it! If you are interested in buying and financing a home, no matter where the location, please feel free to contact a member of our Housing Buzz Team Today.

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