Snacks to Serve your Hungry Homebuyers

Published on July 13th, 2015

One way to make an impression on potential buyers when selling your home is to provide food during your showings. Good news for you, you won’t have to pay for fancy catering, small finger food and beverages are the thing to do.

When deciding on what to serve, consider the weather and season. If it is a hot summer day serve summer treats like popsicles or lemonade. In the winter serve warm beverages and chocolate truffles.

Keep in mind you don’t know the potential buyers personally, so you will be unaware of the dietary restrictions of a homebuyer. When serving food, put a card next to the items and list the ingredients. Many people are severely allergic to everyday foods therefore it is important to be cautious. It is also best to stay away from nut products including peanuts and tree nuts, as these are foods that a lot of people are allergic to.

Make sure the food is presented nicely and plates, cups, napkins and utensils are set up and easy to find. Don't worry about using nice serving plates, paper plates and plastic utensils are great, and make cleaning much easier on you! Lastly, remember to place an empty trashcan in plain sight so your guests don’t have to hold their trash while they tour your home.

Overall, the presentation of your home is more important than the food you serve; however the food helps the potential buyers enjoy the showing, therefore leaving them with positive vibes and happy stomachs!

If you are trying to sell your home and looking to purchase a new one, feel free to contact a Housing Buzz Team member today so you can learn more about Conventional or other financing options.


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