The Tudor

Published on July 6th, 2015

The beautiful Tudor home comes with a long and interesting history. This type of home is the most architecturally recognizable style America. When using the term "Tudor", people are usually referring to an American architectural style that was popular at the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. From 1890 to 1940, Tudors were designed based on a combination of late Medieval and early Renaissance styles. They are simply reinventions inspired by the Tudor period which lasted from 1500-1559. Even though these homes are built similarly to those during the Tudor period, they are updated in a sense that they have the same comforts as a modern home today.

The common characteristics of a Tudor are:

-Steeply pitched roofs

-Large chimneys (often with chimney pots)

-Embellished doorways (often arched)

-Groupings of windows

-Decorative half-timbering, which resemble medieval construction techniques.

Tudor homes hold up well due to the fact that they are heavy and solid. The solid foundation is a result of the noble materials used to build the house. Brick Tudor-style homes are often made with stone, stucco, or wooden claddings. Although Tudors hold up well they need periodic maintenance, like all homes do. Since Tudors have a lot of wood detailing, it will need regular paint or stain applications.

Overall, the Tudor is a great cozy home with a lot of character. If you are thinking about purchasing a new Tudor or any other home, it is best to speak with a mortgage professional. For further questions, feel free to contact a member of the Housing Buzz team!


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