5 Holiday Decorating Tips For Your Home This Holiday Season

Published on December 6th, 2016

It is finally time to pull out the Christmas tree and all of the lights from the attic. The holiday spirit is taking over and everyone in the neighborhood wants to have the BEST decorations around their home for the holidays. Here are five holiday tips to help make your home the best looking one in the neighborhood!

Wreaths Galore

Hang wreaths on all of your outside doors and hang smaller wreaths to your windows. There are many different styles and colors of wreaths to choose from, so pick a color theme (or mix and match). You’ll have fun hanging all of the wreaths and making your home feel more warm and welcoming. If you really want to light up the house, string lights through your wreathes on your windows. No one will be able to miss your house!

Repurpose Older Ornaments

Have a lot of antique-style ornaments lying around in the attic? If you are in need of a couple of centerpieces for your end tables and dining room table, antique ornaments will give your gathering areas an historical feel. Purchase cake stands and place decorative leave on top. Then select a color combination of bulbs and place them on the cake stand.

Give life to your Mantel

Need to decorate your mantel so that your room décor feels complete? Framed photos always look great with garland around them. If you want to be more creative, place frosted vases of different sizes and tea lights across the mantel. This will give the room a warm glow and the mantel a softer look.

Liven up your banister

Need to figure out how to give your banister a fresh holiday makeover? Lights and ornaments could be the answer. Hang fun and colorful ornaments along your banister tied with different size ribbon. This will add some color to your banister. If you love having lights everywhere, a string of fairy lights will give a “heavenly” look to your banister and could be a conversation starter for when it is time for your guests to come over.

Light the Way

When it is time for all of your guests to leave after the holiday dinner, you want to make sure they can see the walkway to their cars. This gives you a perfect excuse to light up your sidewalk with candy cane lights, spiral light trees or large lit snowflakes. The more the lights, the merrier!

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