The Beginner’s Guide to Breaking Into the Mortgage Industry

Published on July 27th, 2016

There are currently over 73 million homeowners in the United States. The demand for residential mortgages are rising, and these transactions are essential to the growth of our economy. At the center of this industry are loan originators who manage and provide guidance throughout the financing process to transform the dream of home ownership into a reality.

Are you interested in a career with a company disrupting the traditional mortgage industry? We’ve provided a guide to help you lay a solid foundation in the mortgage industry, ensuring your future success. Our Junior Loan Officer program is a great way to get your foot in the door. We offer a 90-day paid training program with opportunities for growth and advancement. You’ll also get the opportunity to experience a world-class company culture at a Top 100 Workplace in Cleveland!

Plan for success. If you want a great business, you must have a great plan. Many businesses fail within the first year because they didn’t plan well enough. Develop your plan and outline your objectives, goals, strategies and the tactics that will help you achieve them. Your business plan should be unique and focused. Throw out any ideas or concepts that don’t directly ladder up to your objectives. Finally, make your plan fluid and flexible so you can revise it as your business evolves.

Referrals are everything. If you want to survive in the mortgage business, you must understand that referrals are your foundation. Obtaining good referrals starts with building and maintaining good relationships with your customers. You can do this by considering your customer’s specific needs and what is most important to them. Once you understand what’s important to them, you’ll communicate on a more personal level, ultimately leading to happier, satisfied customers. Satisfied customers will refer your business to others at zero cost to you.

World-Class Service. When a customer takes out a loan through your business, they will rate your business based on their experiences with you and your partners. If they have positive experiences, they will personally remember you and how you made them feel throughout the process. If they have poor experiences, they will associate their poor experience with your overall brand. Our Junior Loan Officer program will train you for success. You’ll learn the skills you’ll need to create a consistent process paired with a follow up system. Your result will be world-class service from the loan application to the settlement process.

Always Improve and Grow. Increasing the value of your business starts with increasing revenue. Make your business more efficient and sustainable while also continuously improving your processes. Set monthly goals for yourself and reward yourself when you’ve earned it. If you’d like to grow your business further, keep focusing on achieving your personal benchmarks.


These are just a few tips to follow to thrive in the mortgage industry. If you are a driven, self-starter with strong people skills, entering the mortgage business could be the right fit for you. Send us your resume today or contact us for more information at

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