5 Apps to Help You Stay Green

Published on March 13th, 2017

Many of us may only think about going green on Earth Day, but we should think more about how our daily activities impact our communities and our planet. Fortunately, there are arrays of apps available for download to help you go green and make your daily choices eco-friendlier.

Developers created these apps to help you better understand the environment and how to protect it. Read about these five apps and decide which one fits into your lifestyle to help you save the Earth:

#climate – Discover and share actions you can take against climate change with #climate. Customize your experience by building a profile specifying the topics you’re passionate about to share with others using #climate. Choose an action to learn the intended environmental impact and the details you need to take part. Share these actions on any social media platform with a single tap.

Carma Carpooling – Find nearby people to share your daily commute with to cut the cost of your trip and reduce traffic emissions. As a rider you pay the driver for the cost of the commute. Carma’s platform claims its carpooling platform is cheaper than taking the bus.

Dropcountr – Conserve water by connecting your water utility company to your smartphone. Your water company sends you customized drought and water budget messages and notifies you of leaks. Dropcountr helps you set a reasonable water budget to conserve water and tracks your water consumption throughout the day, week, month or year.

Farmstand – Discover locally-grown food from more than 8,700 farmers’ markets around the world. This app helps you find the closest market along with information about activities going on at other farmers’ markets nearby. Farmstand provides you information on each market including open times, directions and photos shared by other market-goers.

GoodGuide – Find healthy, safe and green products with product reviews based on scientific research and ratings. GoodGuide’s scientists rate products on a zero to ten scale for their health, environmental impact and social impact. You can find ratings for food, personal care, household products and you can also scan the barcodes of products in-store to retrieve information about them while you shop.

Use any or many of these apps to help you to become eco-friendlier in your daily life. If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable living, follow vLoan on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see our tips this month on saving money and energy at home. Are you interested in purchasing an energy-efficient home or refinancing to afford these sustainable investments? Contact one of our mortgage advisors at 1-844-77-vLoan or get a free rate quote to explore your mortgage options.

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