6 Ways to Upcycle around Your Home

Published on March 24th, 2017

Earth Day is less than a month away and what better way to celebrate the earth then by recycling things around the house. There are many ways to upcycle items around the home and to turn trash into treasure. Here are 6 ideas for upcycling your items around the home.

Popsicle Stick Wooden Vase

Do you have family members who love having popsicles every day during the summer? If that is the case, don’t just throw away the sticks start saving them and you can create your very own wooden vases for indoor or outdoor plants. This is a very easy DIY project and it is also very customizable as well, you can choose your favorite color paint for each vase.

T-shirt Produce Bag

Need a new way to carry your produce from the grocery store so that your produce doesn’t get bruised on the way home? Use old t-shirts that you have forgotten about that are just lying in your drawers! All you need for this project are some scissors and a sewing machine to sew the t-shirt together in a bag shape.

Giftwrap photo backdrop

Every family always faces the dilemma of having too many leftover rolls of wrapping paper from various holidays and birthdays. Why not put the extra paper to good use? You could use the paper as a photo background for your next party. Who doesn’t love taking group pictures at parties? Well now you can have a special place with different backgrounds for people to take these pictures throughout your home.

Beer Bottle Vases

Don’t just throw away the bottles after a great party; keep some of them and upcycle the bottles into beautifully decorated vases that can serve as a conversation piece when guests come over. This is a very easy DIY project that can take you minutes to design. Pick a theme for your vases and buy paint and other decorative items that go with your theme to go on the bottles.

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